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Washington needs better data to save sexually exploited kids : [Seattle Times] To identify, engage and help sexually exploited youth, the state is using the Washington State Model Protocol, a response program developed by the Center for Children & Youth Justice.


29-year UW study: Early gang participation makes lasting mark : [Seattle Times] Her findings present a stark picture: Joining a gang is a life-changing turning point in a young life. Worse yet, people who quit gangs at a young age didn't really fare any better in the long term than those who were still involved in a gang in their mid-20s.


Compromise struck on sealing juvenile-court records : [Seattle Times] State lawmakers have reached a compromise on a bill that would eventually lead to the sealing of "the great majority" of juvenile-court records. The bill is now on its way to Gov. Jay Inslee.


Protecting foster kids from sex trafficking : [Seattle Times] Every month, more than 100 kids run away from foster homes throughout Washington. Some end up in the arms of pimps posing as boyfriends.


Keeping juvenile records confidential: Olympia Debates : [Crosscut] Once again, Washington lawmakers will take up legislation to seal certain juvenile records. Will the third time be the charm?


A Court’s All-Hands Approach Aids Girls Most at Risk : [New York Times] The Girls Court is part of a national movement to address the sex trafficking of minors domestically, many with a history of childhood abuse.


Suburban gangs: CCYJ gets grant to fight problem : [Federal Way Mirror] In 2013, the Legislature recognized the problems that gang activities create for public safety and economic interests in cities such as Federal Way. The Washington State Partnership Council on Juvenile Justice has selected CCYJ as one of three programs to receive state grant funding for criminal street gang prevention.


Foster care and sex trafficking survivor testifies before Congress : [ABC News] This afternoon on the Hill a 24-year-old college student and sex trafficking survivor, Withelma "T" Ortiz Walker Pettigrew, shared her experiences growing up in the U.S., where she was used for money in the foster care system and ultimately forced into sex trafficking. (CCYJ Founding President and CEO Bobbe J. Bridge also testified at this hearing.)


Sex trafficking victims need protection : [The Seattle Times] A national sting operation targeting child sex-trafficking rescues children who often cannot escape.


Keeping Families Together : [Crosscut] Moving at-risk kids into foster care compounds the hurt. A new approach gives families the support they need to remain intact.

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