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Suburban gangs: CCYJ gets grant to fight problem : [Federal Way Mirror] In 2013, the Legislature recognized the problems that gang activities create for public safety and economic interests in cities such as Federal Way. The Washington State Partnership Council on Juvenile Justice has selected CCYJ as one of three programs to receive state grant funding for criminal street gang prevention.


Foster care and sex trafficking survivor testifies before Congress : [ABC News] This afternoon on the Hill a 24-year-old college student and sex trafficking survivor, Withelma "T" Ortiz Walker Pettigrew, shared her experiences growing up in the U.S., where she was used for money in the foster care system and ultimately forced into sex trafficking. (CCYJ Founding President and CEO Bobbe J. Bridge also testified at this hearing.)


Sex trafficking victims need protection : [The Seattle Times] A national sting operation targeting child sex-trafficking rescues children who often cannot escape.


Keeping Families Together : [Crosscut] Moving at-risk kids into foster care compounds the hurt. A new approach gives families the support they need to remain intact.


Our Voice: Tri-Citians inspirational in battle against underage sex trafficking : [Tri-City Herald] The Tri-Cities Coalition for Human Trafficking is being trained to use a new statewide protocol to help achieve a level of consistency when dealing with underage victims of sexual exploitation and human trafficking.


Tri-Cities to implement statewide protocol to deal with sex trafficking victims : [Tri-City Herald] A new statewide protocol introduced in the Tri-Cities aims to bring consistency to dealing with underage victims of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. The Center for Children & Youth Justice drafted the protocol, which is being introduced as one of the first of its kind in the nation, after holding a series of summits across the state.


Washington Senate passes child sex trafficking measure : [The Seattle Times] The Washington state Senate has unanimously passed a measure to establish a task force to help fight the commercial sexual exploitation of minors.


Putting a face on human trafficking : [The Seattle Times] As officials try to raise awareness about the existence of people who have been trafficked, a Seattle woman tells her unusual story. Her mother's family was victimized by her father, a Ph.D. and concert violinist who worked with the U.N.


Cops launch drop-in shelter to help prostitutes in SeaTac : [The Seattle Times] Frustrated - and heartbroken - by the violent, abusive cycle of the sex trade, King County sheriff's officers go "above and beyond the call of duty" to help its victims.


Congress must enact protections for sex trafficking victims : [The Seattle Times] Political wrangling in Congress over reproductive rights should not continue to stall reauthorization of laws that fight human trafficking and slavery and boost efforts to protect women from violence.

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