"I want to thank the Council for the training we're receiving. I had an incident with a vicious girl fight at school the very next day. I used the timeline technique we learned and found out the fight had been an ongoing thing for more than two years. I tried the problem-solving techniques with the girl who instigated the fight to discuss how it could have been handled differently and what options she had next time.In our talk about her options, she was actually very open to my suggestions when I included her in the discussion and decision making, listened without judging or looking at right or wrong, and tried to understand her loyalties"

Deputy Sheriff Eric M. White

City of Burien Police

Highline High School Resource Officer



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Suburban King County Coordinating Council on Gangs

Gangs are not just a big city problem. They've also moved to the suburbs. School districts in suburban King County report escalating problems with gangs and associated violence, drugs and crime. It's a threat to everyone who lives in those communities. And it's also a tragic waste of potential for the youth who become caught up in a world where their futures and their very lives are at risk. As the future leaders of our society, these youth deserve every opportunity to succeed.

The Center for Children & Youth Justice recognized the challenges of gang activity and created the Suburban King County Coordinating Council on Gangs in 2011. Because no community is equipped to effectively reduce gang and youth violence alone, CCYJ brought together schools, law enforcement, policymakers, social service providers and other organizations to develop a coordinated and innovative approach to prevent violence, save lives and change the future for our communities.

Learn more about how your support is helping CCYJ address the issue of suburban gang violence.

Read a general fact sheet about the Council.

View PowerPoint slides from a community presentation, Kids, Communities and Gangs.

If you would like to schedule a community presentation, please email Anica Stieve or call her at 206-696-7503, ext. 20.

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