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The “Becca” Laws refer to Washington State’s laws on Truancy, At-Risk Youth (ARY), and Children in Need of Services (CHINS), enacted in 1995. The laws are intended to support the State whose paramount duty is to make ample provision for the education of all students, to protect children who pose a danger to themselves through their behavior, and to provide support to parents in raising their children while keeping families together.

The Washington State Becca Task Force is a voluntary organization, which includes representatives from various youth-serving agencies across the State and is chaired by former Washington State Supreme Court Justice Bobbe Bridge. The Becca Task Force provides a forum to help foster collaboration between courts, schools, and service providers; facilitates the initiation of research and training on the development and use of proven practice models to meet the needs and ensure success of youth and families in crisis; and leads efforts in Washington State to ensure that adequate funding, accountability mechanisms, and efficient and effective processes for carrying out the intent and goals of the Becca laws are in place.

Watch the Task Force video: Pay Now or Pay Later - Truancy in Washington State.

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