"The vulnerable children and youth in our state's foster care and juvenile justice systems need the Center for Children & Youth Justice. The Children's Alliance is a proud partner with the Center in its efforts to improve foster care and juvenile justice through effective reforms of existing policies and practices along with innovative new programs aimed at creating better systems and better lives." Paola Maranan, The Children's Alliance


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Advancing justice, enhancing lives

Founded in 2006, the Center for Children & Youth Justice is a private nonprofit organization dedicated to reforming the state's juvenile justice and child welfare systems. Our goal is to create systems that are integrated, unbiased, fueled with revolutionary ideas, and backed by programs proven to achieve the best results.

By supporting the groundwork of emerging innovative thinking and sharing model practices with others in the field, the Center drives statewide reform efforts and helps to achieve replicable and lasting change.

By sponsoring research, targeting grant funding toward evidence-based programs, proposing legislation, developing partnerships, and providing better training and information, we help everyone who cares about our youth to make better decisions about their care and their future.

Our Mission

The Center’s mission is to advance justice for and enhance the lives of children and youth through juvenile justice, child welfare, and related systems reform.

Our Vision

Through the work of the Center for Children & Youth Justice, more children and youth will be diverted from entering Washington's juvenile justice system. Those children and youth who are involved in the juvenile justice, child welfare and related systems will maximize their potential to become more successful and productive members of their communities. They will have the support of integrated systems staffed by highly-skilled practitioners, utilizing evidence-based practices, in an environment of fair and unbiased decision making.

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