March 6: The 2014 Norm Maleng Advocate for Youth Award breakfast.

It was a great day! Record-breaking in every way. 

Learn more about the event.

Watch the special event video, It Starts Early, here.

Seattle Town Hall: Not On Our Watch

Responding to Sex Trafficking Locally

See the event video.

Find out what has changed for the 300-500 children prostituted on any given night in King County since CCYJ and other local leaders began collaborating to respond to victims and prevent future victims. Together, we can all impact this issue. 

CCYJ Founding President and CEO Bobbe J. Bridge recently testified before the U.S. House Ways and Means Subcommittee on Human Resources at a hearing on preventing and addressing the sex trafficking of youth in foster care. Read Justice Bridge's testimony.

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The Shape of Things to Come

The Center for Children & Youth Justice is shaping better lives for youth involved in Washington's foster care and juvenile justice systems. In partnership with parents, advocates and policymakers, the Center develops and advances innovative approaches to systemic changes that will support kids, stabilize families and strengthen communities.

We believe...

... the children and youth of our state deserve systems of welfare and justice that fully support their needs.

... youth of color should have equal access to treatment and support programs instead of being diverted to the juvenile justice system more frequently than white youth.

... juveniles leaving incarceration should receive the tools to succeed, not set adrift to make it on their own.

... foster care should be a blessing, rather than a risk.

... a passion for justice and for kids - combined with research, funding, training, information and support - can be the impetus for real and lasting change.

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